spiffyremakeflatWe are the new men’s magazine and want your writing skills. Our aim is to be the high octane magazine for guys and provide them with not only entertainment, but with articles that provide tips and how to’s.

If you have a passion for any of our main categories listed below and can throw a bit of witty and unique take in your writing, fill out our form and send us a sample of your best work.

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Our Main Categories are:

Video Games: Tip, how-to’s, reviews, top lists and interviews.

MMA: Latest News, top fighters, interviews, videos.

Movies: Top Lists, Tv Series, interviews, news and latest reviews on new movies in theaters.

Pick-up Artists: Dating Advice, PUA advice, in-field, interviews, PUA profiles.

Music: Interviews, news, top albums list (Rock, Heavy metal, Rap, Club, etc.)

Men’s Health: Reviews, Health tips, eating, exercise, videos, books, etc.

Technology: Latest and greatest, gadget reviews, computers, internet and more.

Humor: Vidoes, gifs, writing, books.

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