UFC 126 – Silva KO’s Belfort


It was a quick fight, the match ending in the first round. Silva started the match circling Belfort, the crowed was getting restless as neither fighters wanted to make the first move.

Belfort finally started it off with a small kick to Silva’s leg followed by another kick and a punch to the head. Silva returned a kick  both scrambling, Belfort  takes down Silva. Silva stood right back up.

Silva then unleashed a wicked kick to Belfort’s head sending him to the ground. After a quick moment of hesitation, Silva rushed in with right and left punch and referee Mario Yamasaki stepped in to stop the fight.

Certainly a fast loss for Belfort and bringing Silva his 13th consecutive UFC victory at 3:35 opening round.

“Anderson is a great fighter,” Belfort said blaming himself for failing to block the kick from Silva.

A showdown with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is Silva’s next call.

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