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Now I know what you’re thinking guys, top five sex tips for men… why do I need those? That male ego kicks in and suddenly you’re too good for advice on sex. You think you know it all. So sex tips for men is not something you’re interested in reading.

Well I am sorry to tell you but just cause you have a penis does not mean you know everything there is to know about sex.You certainly know all there is to know about masturbating, I will give you that.

However, having sex with a woman is not AT ALL like masturbating. The female body is a temple and you must pay the proper respect before, during, and after. If you fail to do so and you find yourself very interested in her, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a call back and a round two.

There are sex tips for men out there for a reason. HELLO, women give you clues. A woman may not complain to your face, but you best believe her best girl friends hear all about it.

Now it’s bad enough if one woman thinks that you’re bad in bed. If you have a girl’s friends knowing that information as well. News travels fast in girl world, and it only takes 6 people before it will get back to the new girl your interested in. Trust me, it may not happen right away but it will happen. Unless you sleep with her before it happens. At that point she will find it out for herself, and the cycle of gossip will happen all over again.

Sex tips for men are out there to help you. Give you a heads up on what women want and how they want it. So why deny them the pleasure they seek because of your ego and pride. Two things I might add that are a turn off to women. Remember, women know what women want. You wouldn’t want a girl who sleeps with you to become a lesbian. That is the ultimate slap in the face.

So without further ado, and more bruising to your ego and masculinity. I am going to give you the top five sex tips for men. Sex tips that I hope you will take into account. Study them, practice them, and use them over and over again. Men, I am trying to help you out here. It’s not an attack on the way you have sex. It is simply a cheat sheet on how to perfect the things you already do!

1. Warming Up- Women do not want to be attacked. I mean, some might, but the majority of women want to be swooned. They want to be swept off their feet before they give it up. Things like cooking her a romantic dinner, any guy can take a women out. Having a nice wine or campaign to drink instead of hard liquor. Move her to the couch and give her an erotic shoulder massage. Really get her in the mood, let her know your all about her.

2. Take It Back To High School- A kiss tells a women a lot about what kind of lover you are. You want to come into it softly with a little bit of pressure. Touch her face and gently caress the back of her head down to her back. Do all this before the tongue. Once you have her captivated in your kiss apply a little tongue and lip nibbling, always taking small breaks for some eye contact. A make-out session is a great foreplay starter.

3. Sexy Foreplay- Move from her mouth and begin kissing her neck and collar bone. Women go crazy for this. do this for a while and then move right on down to her breasts. Nipples on a women are beyond sensitive. Especially if she is already horny and feeling that serotonin running through her body. Kiss your way down her stomach and further down to the inside of her thighs. Trust me she will be shaking and wanting more.

4. Oral Play- for the first couple times you have sex. Be all about her. Reassure her that you want to please her, and her pleasure is what gets you off. Massage her clitoris with your fingers very gently using your tongue sparingly. Using it more and more until she is so sensitive she can barely stand it. If she should choose to return the favor a little bit avoid pushing her head. Lightly play with her hair and tickle her back instead.

5. The Big Show- This is it, time for some SEX! You want to start off slow using medium pressure in your thrust. Just listen to her body. You’ll know what it wants. Either that or she will tell you. Be all about her and what she wants and needs. Harder, faster, deeper. Whatever she asks or scream for, give it to her. What really counts is the after wards… cuddle. Let her know that cause you got it, doesn’t change the way you feel.

Well there you have it guys. The top five sex tips for men. Use them, I mean they are coming from a woman. These sex tips are here to help you with your sexual encounters. They are to help make them all they can be and much more. I hope that you put them to good use. Taking sex tips doesn’t make you any less of a man. All women ultimately want is for you to listen to what they want, and sex is no exception. Now go off and have yourself some amazing sex!!!

Written by Kristi Cat

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