Three tips for hooking up with strippers


It’s Friday night at about 4am, and you’ve wound up in a strip club, and are sobering up. A smoking hot blonde strolls up to you and sits down next to you. You’d like to buy a dance, but you don’t want to just be like every other guy she meets (and you’ve already spent your last $50).

Now you could try to speak to her like your average fan boy, or you could use my top three tips to make strippers want you, instead of your wallet.

1. Praise them for their personality not their pole moves

Strippers will have guys coming up to them all the time praising their hot ass, or amazing breasts: say the same and you’ll seem just like every other guy. Instead, talk to them about the other skills their job requires, and what they’re like as a person. Chat about the social and sales skills they use on the other punters, and be a co-conspirator with them in charming the other guys out of their dollars- instead of reaching into your wallet to get out yours.

2. Take them out of the strip club, mentally, then physically

Don’t get stuck talking about the strip club environment though. Find out about what their passions are in life; and get them talking about what makes them tick outside of work. When they start to talk about a place, or an activity, that they love encourage them to go into lots of detail about it. Get them to describe it in detail and ask gently ‘why’ they like it so much. As they begin to specify what they’re thinking about they’ll mentally focus on a positive experience that is outside of the strip club: and associate you with it. Once their mind is outside of the strip club, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting their body to follow.

3. Don’t let them run ‘stripper game’ on you

Apart from being hwat, strippers are usually masters at their own style of game: hustling guys to spend money on having a dance from them in a highly competitive environment. Notice when they try to entrap you by running game on you: gently teasing you about being a player, playing games like ‘guess what country I’m from’ and asking you leading questions like ‘Don’t you think I look cute in this outfit?’ Give them the answer they expect and you’ll be just like every other guy, and playing their game. Instead take control , by saying their outfit looks cute, but you prefer red underwear. If they try and play a game with you, then set a counter set of rules or bets to assert your authority. And if you get accused of being a player… live up to it.

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