The Only ‘Realistic’ Way To Escape The Dreaded Friendzone


the_friend_zoneBeing in the friendzone isn’t easy!

All of us men can attest to that.

It’s a huge blow to any guy’s ego and self-esteem to see that the hot girl he’s been chasing after for month, walk arms-in-arms with some guy who’s just shown up over the past week [pretty horrible friggin’ feeling].

However, this article will not exclusively address “How to stay out of the friendzone” (I’ll write about that in the near future).

This is specifically geared towards the men who are already in the friendzone [as we say in the PUA community; he’s been LJBF’d]. And how to crawl your asses out of there.

First off, a guy gets tossed into the “just-friends category” for various reasons:

• He failed to physically escalate.

• He came off as a shoulder to lean on (a friend).

• He never expressed sexual interest in the target (the girl).

• He was too passive (afraid to offend).

Going contrary to the above 4 points will keep you out of the friendzone without a doubt!

Now, assuming that you’ve already been friendzoned by the girl of your desires…

She’s virtually dumping all over you like a public restroom, while she goes on dates with other guys and gets dirty in the sack with them, etc.

You’re left to feel like a load of shit while your would-be girlfriend is hanging out with the Fonz, and only phoning you whenever she gets her heart broken by an Alpha-Male (which should’ve been you).

What a man to do!!!?

For starters, look yourself in the mirror, raise 1 hand with palm fully opened, then with all your inner strength; slap yourself in the face as hard as possibly!

Why so harsh Socialkenny!?

For being an out-of-touch idiot in the first place!

Understand that it’s NOT the girl’s fault that you ended up in the friendzone to begin with.

It’s your fault!

She was rooting for you to be a real man she could actually lie down with and get to fucking.

However, you dropped the ball by coming across (too) friendly.

So you (as the man) cannot blame her. She played her part, but you didn’t.


“Anti-Friendzone Techniques”


This pill might be big for some guys to swallow, but with a bit of manning-up and know-how, it can easily be digested.

You must game other girls!!!

Yep, it’s that simple!

In order to crawl out of the dreaded friendzone, turn the tables and have this girl see you as a viable candidate to bag her or become her boyfriend, you will have to seduce other girls (or at least attempt to)!

This works even more potently if she actually knows or sees that you’re gaming other girls.

This is actually a 2 prong approach:

1.) You will need to drastically reduce the amount of time that you dedicate to the girl whom you’re trying to ultimately get with [the girl who had friendzoned you].

2.) You will need to now show attention to some other girl(s).

In essence, you’re creating a sort of jealousy plot as we’d say in pickup.

The more you ignore the girl (who had put you in the friendzone), the more she’d question herself and her desirability.

•Whenever she phones or texts you in order to chat about whatever friendly crap; ignore her calls and messages!

•If at 1 point you would’ve replied to her sms instantly, you need to cut this shit out immediately and begin to reply a day or 2 late.

•If before you would answer all of her phone calls, you should now purposely NOT answer her calls.

Let this carry on for about a week or more.

You’re essentially making yourself scarce to her [scarcity kills women].

You’re not available as you once were [doing this will drive chics crazy!!!]!

She will begin to wonder why aren’t you available anymore to be her shoulder to lean on.

Remember guys: do this GRADUALLY!

If she sends you 5 text messages, only reply to 4, then 3, then 2, then 1…

The risk in just ignoring her completely at once is that she will sense you’re up to something mischievous [women can sense these fucking things like a psychic], and your plan crawling out the friendzone and getting her to chase you might be derailed.

So employ the above tactics gradually and in stages from more to less.

What you’re creating here is a situation to make her chase you.

The thought of you (her devoted friend) paying attention to some other chic(s), will eat at her.

Another great tactic to utilize comes via Online Game [the act of seducing girls online].

For instance, let’s say that you and this girl are Facebook friends (which is most likely the case).

All along, you’ve been attentive to her, commenting on her status updates, pics’, showing her massive amounts of attention, etc.

From this point on: STOP IT!!!

Gradually disappear or fade away!

If before you were commenting on all 5 of her daily-status updates; start reducing that to 3 per day, then 2, then 1, then 0 [over the course of 2 weeks or so]!

You’re gradually turning the tables from friends to possible lovers.

Also, you will want to start commenting on other hot girls’ statuses while ignoring hers.

Make sure that these other girls are mutual friends of yours, where the target girl will be able to see that you’ve been commenting on other girls’ statuses and photos.

She will have noticed that your attention is shifting from her to other girls…who are hotter.

Remember to flirt with them also and be forward!

You don’t have to come off as a pussy who’s afraid to offend, or else you’ll be headed to the friendzone again with these other girls.


In Closing [Tables Have Flipped]


Now, assuming that everything went according to plan, you’d done the above things I outlined…

What will have happened (assuming this girl has an ounce of liking for you), she will begin to chase you (not literally), ask you questions, inquire more, call more, text more, wanting to meet up more, etc.

At this juncture, you’ve successfully managed to crawl out of the “friends basket” [give yourself a pat of the shoulder for job well done].

What you don’t wanna do now, is to stupidly crawl yourself back in there by coming off as a (platonic) friend again [I’ve seen a lot of men do this SMFH].

When she phones you and begins to rant about the guy who had dogged her out last week; put an end to such feminine babbling fast!!!

• Come up with some flimsy-ass excuse as to why you have to hang up now.

The bad boys like I am, aren’t bashful about hanging up without saying a word LOL [it takes balls of steel to pull this off without feeling like a douch].

You’re making it crystal clear to her that contacting you solely to talk about her men problems is NOT fucking cool, and that you won’t stand for it because you’re an Alpha, and not the Beta-Male pussy you were before!

So from now on, you’ll be presenting yourself as a viable candidate who can tango with her in the sack.

This will never happen if you continue being the friendly, non-sexual chode whom she runs to in order to rant, cry and bitch.

Your only angle from now on (since you’d escaped from the friendzone), should be to seduce her.

Not to befriend her!

You cannot friend your way into a girl’s panties nor heart [that is like the #1 rule of the seduction community]!

She will see you as just a friend, then toss your ass into the friendzone as just another guy who was too afraid to pull the trigger and get sexual with her.

Socialkenny PUA!

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