The Beast Within


It’s easy to accept the supernatural aspects of life when you’re raised to hunt demons. You’re less likely to believe your eyes when the demon that comes out of your closet becomes the man you’d once loved. Renee finds out, she not only is destined to rid her world of the monsters, but she is supposed to help the monsters defeat the curse put on them by her own father.

Finding out she’d been born over and over within a hundred years, Renee struggles to believe she is a princess from another world, destined to find the ultimate power to bring down a tyrant. Pylira has spent 100 years under a dark curse, in an attempt to rid the world of the self-proclaimed Buio King. In doing so, the people of Pylira put the Kingdom’s daughter at the mercy of the curse. Now Tyson Cole needs to find the princess, and find a way to bring her back to the real world and to him? This is book one in a five-part series. YA, High Fantasy

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