The Alpha Mindset


Desire“Everything is created twice: First in your mind, then in your reality”– The Monk who Sold his Ferrari, Robin Sharma.

Isn’t that so insightful? The big secret to being an Alpha really is to become one in your mind first.

Take a minute to realise how powerful your thoughts are: Remember when you were a kid and were afraid of the dark? The very thought of a bogey man waiting in the shadows was enough to stir fear in you.

Maybe you’re not afraid of the dark anymore but what about the fear of rejection that prevents you from approaching someone in a bar? It’s the same mechanics at work.

So let’s use the influence of our minds for something empowering…

If you build a collection of recurring thoughts/beliefs/habits they gradually become a natural way of thinking. Now because these thoughts are instilled through repetition, it is possible to consciously train yourself into thinking a certain way.

The brain is just like any other muscle. With diligent effort anyone can hone and tone their thinking patterns. Don’t believe me? Well it’s a proven fact that the brain can form new connections and strengthen existing ones. Old unused connections conversely wither away. This is called neuroplasticity.

Here are a couple of ways to begin this training process:


  • Address yourself in the present: “I am” is a powerful identification to yourself. Apply it to the beliefs you want to imprint: I am assertive, I am a pack leader, I am a valuable employee etc. Say them in your head and say them out loud. Yes that’s right. It doesn’t matter if it’s before bed, in the shower or in the mirror. You must say them out loud in order to condition yourself.
  • Be persistent: As Hayley Quinn says “Persistence beats resistance”. This is as true with affirmations as it is in the dating world. Back to our gym analogy, it isn’t enough to do one gruelling session and then go AWOL for two weeks before your next visit. You rather do a little a lot of the time and slowly crank it up. So don’t expect 10,000 affirmations on day one are going to make you feel any different about yourself tomorrow. Keep showing up with the same enthusiasm each day and we might see some difference after day 30.

By the way, this process works both ways. In fact you probably already practise negative thinking (I’m such a loser, I’ll never have a six pack, I can’t get this business off the ground) so how about doing yourself a favour and flipping the switch to postive?

You won’t regret it.

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