The 15 Hottest Chilean Babes the Miners Should Bang


A freed Chilean miner walks into a bar and a hot chick buys him a drink. She eyes him up, turns to him, and says ‘your place or mine?’ That’s the lame joke bouncing around Twitter today as the world continues to celebrate the miraculous rescue of 33 Chilean miners who have been trapped 2,000 feet underground for 70 days.

So far 22 miners have made the trip up the rescue capsule to fresh air and a happy reunion with friends, family, and their fellow countrymen.

After being stuck half-mile under the earth’s surface in a sweaty, stinky mine with 32 other dudes for over two months, we imagine every one of those courageous men are going to want to toast a Pisco Sour (Chile’s national drink) and get their rocks off with the most mind-blowing sex of their lives. Most of these Chilean national heroes are married and at least one of them (cough, Yonni Barrios), has a wife and a mistress waiting for their safe arrival back to fresh air. Here at BroBible, we think the single miners in this subterranean fraternity should be treated to a tryst with some of Chile’s sexiest celebrity women. Here’s the 15 famous Chilean smoke shows we think the miners should bang upon their triumphant return from the earth’s dark, dank recesses.

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