Of Might and Men: A Journey of Transformation – Welcome to the “Gun” Show


Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer and have no formal education in health and fitness other than what we all learn in school. Nothing that follows should be taken without consulting a proper physician. I take no responsibility for any of your own experiments with your body and health on your own journey. This is the way I progress towards my goals day after day, and I hope it is a tale to inspire you. At the end of the day, and in all walks of life, the body is the only vessel we get.


Welcome to the “Gun” Show


Ask anyone to do this. Say: “Show me your muscles.” Which move will that strike? Your guess is probably right. The double-bicep pose; if not two flexed biceps, you are sure to see at least one.

The biceps have become such a staple for showing off strength that the act of flashing them has developed its own nickname: The Bodybuilder’s Salute.

But biceps can also be developed under some work conditions. If you want to spot a bodybuilder outside the gym, look for triceps. Large triceps are almost solely built inside the gym, from targeting them.

A common muscle pair for training days is back and bis, but I feel that is best when going heavy. For a lightweight and simple dumbbell routine, I recommend bis and tris together–to really feel the pump.

Many in training are so obsessed with possessing bulging, veiny arms they neglect to train legs. Search for memes about leg day and enjoy a laugh, but know there is some truth behind the images.


How can you develop your arms and sell tickets to your own “gun” show?

Step one is to add size.

Step two requires you to lose the fat. Unless you naturally struggle to gain weight, then you may skip the second step.


My previous article had one suggested diet plan to drop the excess pounds, the meals that worked for me. Read more here:

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There are many good ways to build muscles from weight training. I’ll share with you the home workout anyone can do with just a few dumbbells.

Don’t have any? Invest in a couple that you can lift about 12-15 times, and 12-15 only.

They can be a little pricey so I recommend buying one weight for each arm. It is better than nothing, and gives you one less excuse for why you can’t train on any given day. 20 minutes of sweating and putting sweet tension on your muscle fibers is, and always will be, better than nothing. The weights are at home, the place you live. You don’t even have to turn off the TV to pick them up. I often lift while watching documentaries, sports, or music videos.

Now you are ready. It all starts this moment. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But NOW. The following is one routine that I do from my own humble abode.

Each workout is done for 5 sets. Each set is done for 5 reps past failure. These numbers can be adjusted, but this has produced the best results, in my experience.

How do you go past failure? You don’t really, but we often give up in our minds too soon. Cheat for the last five if you must, just get them up; use your momentum to swing them, but make sure form is perfect for the initial reps. Always squeeze the muscle at the point of contraction, and lower the weight slowly. And be careful. It is the most important part.

Does it burn? Perfect. It should.

I like to imagine that I contract my muscles so tightly at the top of each rep that they burst open and spray paint the walls red. Gross, I know–mind you I’m a part-time horror writer.


Here’s the routine:


Standing hammer curls

Standing curls

Standing reverse curls

Bent-over kickbacks

Over-the-head triceps extensions

Dips (often from the edge of my dining room chair)


If you are unsure what any of those are, a quick Google search will result in pics and, most likely, videos.

You could sit while training. I prefer standing.


Best of luck in building those arms.

-S.L. Kerns

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