Jesus, Tito is Starving for Attention; *Claims* Hacker Posted Naked Photos From His Phone On Twitter

Written by Cage Potato

(“I’m so embarrassed. Thank God I was tanned, shaven and oiled up in that totally unposed photo.”)

*Someone* posted a naked photo of Tito Ortiz on the former UFC light heavyweight champion’s Twitter account today and he *says* he isn’t impressed. The photo was taken down moments later by Ortiz, who tweeted that his phone had been hacked.

It seems like Tito might be following in the footsteps of a handful of politicians who claim hackers did the same to them in recent days.


Last week New York Congressman Anthony Weiner allegedly sent a photo of his junk to a female college student from Seattle. He claimed that while the photo did appear on his Twitter feed, he did not send it.

When asked if the photo was of him, Weiner joked that he, “wished the photo was him,” before explaining that it could have been a shot of his family jewels.

“We don’t know for sure [if it was me]. The photograph doesn’t look familiar to me, but a lot of people who have been looking at this stuff on my behalf are cautioning me that stuff gets manipulated… I can’t say for sure,” he told MSNBC.

Seriously, you don’t know what your own penis looks like? Do you shower and go to the bathroom in the dark?

Then, last weekend, a photo depicting a man naked from the waist down was posted on the Twitter account of Niagara Falls, Ontario Progressive Conservative party candidate George Lepp, where it remained undiscovered by him for nearly 30 minutes. Lepp claimed that his smartphone malfunctioned and took the photo from the pocket of his pants. Apparently he has the new X-Ray App.

I chalk those two cases up to technologically retarded people who shouldn’t have cell phones trying to act like teenagers and it biting them in the ass. What’s Tito’s excuse?

The question is, if Tito’s phone was really hacked, why does he have naked photos of himself on his phone?

Maybe one of the guys at Big Bear posted them as a prank while he was in the shower or training. At least I hope they did, because if Tito is pulling a publicity stunt, it’s really just getting sad. Even Jenna thinks so and she WAS his publicity stunt the last few years.


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