Is Toronto The New Mecca Of Game And PUA’s?


Over at Roosh’s blog, he’d written an article where he shed some light on the Toronto pick-up scene [apart from the RSD politics]. Here’s an excerpt: Is RSD hurting young men?

“For the longest time I thought that Washington DC was the capital of PUA culture in North America (alongside Los Angeles), but I hadn’t yet been to Toronto. Hands down, I’ve never seen so many PUAs in my one week visit there than I have in my entire life. There are Toronto bars where you can find over two dozen PUAs working simultaneously to approach every single woman in the bar in rapid succession (go to Madison Avenue Pub on Thursday night to see what I mean)”.

Personally, I’ve never been to Toronto YET! But it is on my fucket-list for the near future.

Anyway, I’m not opposed to running my fabulous game in a bar packed with fellow seductionists, but it’d seem pretty strange to me since I’m always like the only pick-Up Artist in whichever venue I chose to hit up.

At bars, my competition is always Alpha natural type guys with good Game, but that’s usually like 2-3 dudes in the entire venue.

I couldn’t imagine tryna run Game in a locale which has fellow players competing for the prime real-estate of the crop. It’d be like sibling rivalry but battling for pussy instead.

Luckily though, a lot of guys wouldn’t purposely try to sabotage another guy’s set, but I have heard cases where wingmen even fuck up their own wing’s sets.

Cock-blocks are expected, but I’d rather be AMOG’d (cockblocked) by a Natural than a fellow PUA who should at least be able to read bro-code and let me do my thing and vice versa.

Competition is healthy though!

Generally my attitude is, “Let the best man win”!

But I’m allowed to say that since I can fire everything in my arsenal at the competition.

To get a clear sense of how intense it can get when tryna seduce the same girl that other men are trying to snatch up, read this field report of mines from last year @ a nightclub, where I and 2 other guys were fiercely trying to pull this 1 specific chick.

That night was hectic: 3 guys battling for 1 girl at the club.

In a town or city where everyone is into pickup, or the local guys are good with their skills: Game will be fucking fierce!

Therefore, cities like Toronto will present a great test to your game and overall skill-set with HB’s.

Since getting into this community years ago, I’ve never ran into another PUA while out in-field, sarging or at a bar….at least not knowingly.

From browsing the comments on Roosh’s post, it would appear that men in general have a hard time pulling ass in Toronto: competition is stiff and the chicks are generally adverse to game [according to the commenters].

These guys make it seem like it’s impossible to get laid there.

A lot of this attitude stems from guys who generally do bad with chicks anyway, so their assertions will always be negative in saying shit like Toronto women aren’t feminine enough.

I would totally fuck the shit out of Toronto whenever I do venture there in the near future.

Can a city be so saturated with players and Pick-Up Artists that it makes it next to impossible to get laid there?

I doubt it!

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