How To Get Quick Lays Via BBM, WhatsApp, iMessage And Other Mobile-Messaging Apps


[Originally written in November, 2012]

As much as I detest text-game and online dating [since they turn men into giant anti-social pussies], most guys aren’t as fortunate to be in warmer climates this time of year (as I am), so they utilize the internet and messaging apps more frequently than in the hotter parts of the year when they can actually engage in street-game pickup.

I’m gonna give away my super- secret technique on how to get laid by way of your contact list on any mobile-messaging app: be it BBM, Whatsapp, Yahoo messenger, MSN, Liveprofile, iPhone messengers, etc.

Whatsapp messaging app is pretty HUGE in Europe (especially England).

A former fuck-buddy of mines gave me the scoop on this cross-platform app a few months ago, but I never bothered to download it.

All of the above mobile-messaging apps which I highlighted are cross-platform [besides iPhone Messenger]: meaning they can be downloaded and used on almost any modern cellphone: iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Palm, Android, Droid, etc.

So an iPhone-user can connect with a Samsung-user via the same app [BBM being the only other exception].

The base concept still applies, irrespective of the app or phone.

As long as it’s a messaging app which enables you to post status updates and photos.

Ok, enough with the academics.

The 3-hidden keys to sleeping with a hot chic who’s in your messenger’s contact list: are “STATUS UPDATES, PHOTOS & GOOD TIMING”!

Pretty frikkin’ simple!

By applying this super-simple ‘OBSERVATIONAL’ technique, I was able to get laid via BBM & Liveprofile messengers (from my iPhone).


Let me repeat: OBSERVATION is fucking key!!!

There’s not much Game required, nor Kenny-esuqe pickup tactics.

As long as there are girls in your messaging-contact list whom you’ve added (or they added you), then you’re 80% there to poon-town [quick and easy sex]!

The only true prerequisite is just having girls in your messenger app(s).

Let’s Get Started!!!


OBSERVE Her Status Updates

Why this concept doesn’t apply to Facebook, Twitter or any social-media site, is simple: those sites aren’t personal!

Conversely, when an HB [a girl] adds you to her mobile messenger, it’s akin to inviting you to her front door.

She’s accepting you into her “Personal” Space.

A lot more intimate than a Facebook add.

As proof; a sane girl will NEVER update her public status [Facebook] with:

Abby: “I’m feeling so horny tonight and want to snuggle in this cold-ass weather”.

Why won’t she post that as her Facebook status?

Because that is a personal, intimate declaration, meant for potential suitors/ fuck-buddies to see. Not for the eyes of her FB friends and family members.

Her mobile-messenger profile is her personal lair.

It’s her virtual bedroom!

Facebook would be her front porch [no privacy from friends and family].

So if she adds you, or gave you the PIN # to her BBM, etc., she’s virtually saying: “Come snuggle with me”.


OBSERVE Her Profile Photos

One thing you’ll readily notice with girls on mobile-messenger apps, is that they will change their profile photos depended on their current moods.

Loaded with estrogen, women are very fucking emotionally unstable!

Her mood changes as fast as a new-born changes diapers!

Likewise; her profile photos.

Pay keen attention to the images she posts as her temporary photo/mood.

Men are totally different in this regard, that we will have the same fucking photo up for 6 months without a care to change it.

Therefore, if she’s angry, she’ll change her profile image to something as follow:

Or she’ll post an image as follow (as her current mood):

If she’s happy and in a good mood, she’ll post an image as follow:

Get the drift?

Now, this is when you DON’T contact her, ping her nor message her!

If she’s in a cheery, good, angry, sad mood; avoid her like the plague!

Sounds counter-intuitive, but AFC’s (average guys) will often make the mistake to swoop in as her knight in armor trying to cheer her up and be the shoulder for her to lean on with:

“Why so upset Jessica? What’s going on? Seems like you had a bad morning”?

Do Not Fucking Message Her When She’s Down, Angry, Happy, Sleepy, Cheerful, Eating, Partying, Bathing, Shitting, etc.

The only time you should ping or message her is when her status or photo is SEXUAL and FLIRTY!

Get it!!!?

Ignore any status updates and images posted by her which doesn’t communicate “I wanna fuck”.

Your job is to lie in wait for the moment during the day when she’s sexually charged and horny.

You’ll know this by the images she posts and her status updates.

If she’s brimming with sex and looking to get laid that instant, time, moment or day: she will post something like the following:

It isn’t rocket science to discern whether she’s horny from sad.

Pretty straight forward shit.

Even when my GF is brimming with sexual desires, she’d update her status indicating it, and or change her photo to something sexual.

Key thing to note also, girls will not post such sexual images or statuses during hours which are impossible for her to have sex, i.e. working hours, day-light hours, on the road, etc.

She’ll exclusively post such things during the night, usually after 9 pm (from my experience), essentially when she’s in bed, watching a porn, reclining on the sofa alone, or bored out of her mind during a sleepless night.

From 9 PM onwards [usually until 1 AM], those are the peak hours when she’ll be fishing for sex via her personal mobile-messaging apps.

She will NOT post those things (sexual statuses and images) on Facebook…unless she’s a super attention-whore!

My GF, who’s a contact in my Blackberry Messenger, she follows the exact template which I laid out.

Whenever she’s horny, she’ll update her BBM status with something sexual, or change her profile image to that of a couple having sex.

So does every other chick in my BBM.


Move Swiftly! Time For Action!

Now, assuming that this girl, whom you’re vying to bang, had put up a sexually-charged image, status update or anything sexual; this is your opportunity to get proactive.


This is pretty straight-forward!

Just make a remark about her status or sexual image.

Use your head guys!

Don’t just send off your 1st. message saying:

“Hey Amie, I want to fuck you so bad right now girl”!

Remember, she’s a female, which means that the classic-PUA concept of ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) still applies.

Therefore, no matter how horny she apparently is, you still have to fly under the proverbial radar with jabs, feints and footwork, opposed to swinging wildly for the knockout punch.

Over the past years, I’d banged many girls with this same strategic approach via (BBM) Messenger.

Seventy percent of whom I rarely ever spoke to, until I noticed their sexual statuses and images and decided to message them.

Just as I did, you wanna start small and build the sexual vibe.


*Amie’s status: “It isn’t all about sex. Foreplay is so much more important”!

*Kenny PUA: “Hey Amie, I thought I was the only 1 left on Earth who had the same view”.

You do NOT wanna respond to her status with a message saying:

*Kenny PUA: “Hey Amie, your status got my cock rock hard right now”!

That is overkill and gross mis-calibration, and will immediately activate her Anti-Slut Defense and Bitch Shield.

So gradually build the sexual vibe with some back and forth messages, then get to the point whichever way you know how to.

The transition from sex-talk to sexual proposition shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Remember, she’s currently horny and wanting to get laid, so there’s no sense in making this a drawn-out process of 4 hours [she’ll become indifferent and turned off the longer it takes].

She’ll reply to your pings and messages instantly!

Which is confirmation that she’s lonely at the moment, bored, horny, and isn’t engaged in other chats with other guys at the moment.

Accordingly, her replies should reciprocate in less than 10 seconds.

You being the guy now armed with this insight, will have the advantage over other men in her messenger list who’s been chatting with her all day when she isn’t in a sexual-state of mind.

Will she feel like a piece of meat if you’d only contacted her when she’s horny opposed to contacting her @ other times?


Her aim is to get laid!

Quick- Summarized Recap:

*Add her to your mobile-messaging app.

*Ignore any status/photo updates which isn’t sex-related [by not messaging her].

*Message her only during night hours when she updates her statuses and images with something sexual.

*Start building the sexual vibe and conversation gradually [on your end].

*Make your sexual proposition before it’s too late: “I wanna come see you right now”.

The key to this all is observation.

You’re observing her mood, then capitalizing off of it…which is where good timing comes in.

Now put those contacts to use!

Socialkenny PUA!

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