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HOBP_picOver the course of their 9 year career, House of Broken Promises has gone through great trials and tribulations only to become one of the hardest-hitting rock bands to come out of the west coast.  Growing up in Indio CA, it was in 2002 when history was made, and House of Broken Promises was born.

Originally starting out as a 4 piece band and after several lineup changes, it wasn’t until 2008 when the 3 member lineup solidified.  Today, House of Broken Promises consists of Eddie Plascencia on bass and lead vocals, Mike Cancino on drums and backup vocals and Arthur Seay, A.K.A Artie Love is lead guitarist and backup vocals.


If you are new to the band, you’re probably not new to their music.  Today, you can hear House of Broken Promises music on Keeping up with the Kardashians, Road Rules, Nitro Circus and their music videos can be seen on MTV2 where they are climbing the charts on Head Bangers Ball!  And fans of Slipknot, 5 Finger Death Punch (5FDP) or Paul Grey, will be excited to know that Arthur Seay, A.K.A. Artie Love was their guitar tech for quite a stint.

Signed to Small Stone Records, House of Broken Promises are Managed by Kendra Helms Media.  They have also earned full endorsements by Ibanez, Monster Energy Drink, Dunlop Strings & Accessories, Fox Moto Racing and Can-a-Help Dispensary.  They also own and manage Bitter Sand Recording Studios.

House of Broken Promises set out on a mission to bring something new that is lacking in today’s music; hard-hitting, quality music.  They have 2 albums titled as follows:  “Death in Pretty Wrapping” & “Using the Useless” which are available world-wide.  Not only was I fortunate enough to watch their live set, my band was privileged to open for them at The Fat Cat in Modesto California.  And what a show that was!  After chilling with the crew before their live set, I was able to get a sneak-peek into some of the mayhem that led them here.


Rob:  So who are your listeners?

HOBP:  Our listeners cover a wide variety.  Our music appeals to different ages, from younger to older crowds.


Rob:  How well do you guys work together as a unit?

HOBP:  Being in a band is just like another marriage.  A lot of sacrifices and compromising but with open communication and support.


Rob:  Tell me a little bit on your music creation process?

HOBP:  We create music by collaborating together, and of course sometimes it comes out like a big turd.


Rob:  Over the course of your tenure, what would you say was one of the bands biggest upsets?

HOBP:  Probably the time when we were at LAX to go on a European tour but that Volcano in Iceland made us cancel the tour.  It sucked because we have some good support over there.


Rob:  What are you guys currently spinning?

HOBP:  We listen to everything.  Some Michael Jackson, Country, Ray Camacho Band, Latin and Stevie Wonder.


Rob:  Tell us about your new music video, “Obey the Snake.”

HOBP:  It was shot by the Director Rick Kosick.  He also directed our first video, “The Hurt.”  He’s one of the industry’s hottest film directors; he does awesome work, just watch our videos!


Rob:  What are your plans for the future?

HOBP:  Taking over the fucken world!  Ultimately, getting a bigger deal so we can all quit our day jobs and get on the road full time.  Basically, what we’re doing now, but on a bigger, greater scale.


Rob:  The next 2 questions are directed to Artie.  Since you used to handle most business affairs for the band, how were you able to work a deal with a successful management company such as Kendra Helms Media?

HOBP (Artie):  Representatives from Kendra Helms Media just happened to be at one of our live shows.  They liked our performance and saw how the fans reacted to it and we made a deal right there on the spot over a handshake.


Rob:  What would you say is the bands biggest pet-peeve?

HOBP (Artie):  When other bands take too long to get off the stage and chicks that don’t swallow or take it in the ass!


Rob:  During your live set at The Fat Cat in Modesto, I watched you guys pour shots and pass them out to all the fans.  I wanted to say thanks for the shot!

HOBP:  You’re welcome.  See, it’s really all about the people; the fans.  Without them, we would not exist so it’s our way of showing our appreciation to them.  It’s our way of giving back.  Plus, we’re always on the road and away from our families so we try to make the best of it at every show and we try to have a good time.


Rob:  Any last words?

HOBP:  Support your local music scene!  We’d also like to thank everybody who has supported us.  We will continue to write new music and everybody should listen to Ray Camacho!

So there you have it.  A sneak peek into the House of Broken Promises who has performed with major headliners all across the nation.  Clearly, they are on a path of their own and have the strength and tenacity to land on top regardless of what obstacles come their way.  The 3 piece crew; Eddie, Mike and Artie are talented and really cool to chill out with.  Their sounds are fresh and tight with bass so thick; you can cut it with a knife.  The guitar solos are sick with catchy riffs and more hooks then a bait and tackle shop.  You should check them out because I said to!

There music is available online at iTunes, CDBaby, Smallstone along with all other online distribution channels.  So act now, operators are standing by!

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Youtube Video:  “The Hurt”

Youtube Video:  “Obey the Snake”

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