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Looking for an upside to having put on forty pounds, spent all your money and miserable weather?

How about trying some gym game. That’s right, trying to pick up chicks at the same time as you lift your weights.  Here are a few guidelines about how to go about picking up a girl up whilst pumping iron.

1.       Don’t ‘gym neg’: The worst lines I’ve ever got at the gym are what I like to call the ‘gym neg’. The “You shouldn’t be lifting a weight like that, here let me show you a better manoeuvre” line. Even times when this has been well meant it’s caused me to inwardly bark, “I’m a qualified fitness instructor I’ll have you know.” The problem is people don’t usually enjoy being told something about themselves by a stranger. That pesky second person ‘you’ is fantastic for teasing a girl, but i’d avoid it when opening. Instead try and say, ‘I’:  I think, I believe, in my opinion etc. It’s harder to go wrong with a statement if it’s clear that it is your opinion.


2.       Approach with positivity: A compliment will always leave a much nicer impression than a correction. So scrap that ‘gym neg’ and instead create rapport by paying a specific, genuine compliment to the girl you want to start chatting to:

“Hey, I like how you’re working with a kettle ball: that’s impressive when most people just settle for sitting on an exercise bike for an hour. I don’t know about you but, cardio really bores me. I love to mix up my work outs with some free weights and even a little yoga. And yes it is acceptable for a guy to be into that!”

Loading your opening statements with comments not only about what she’s doing but how it relates to you will help you to ease into a natural flow of conversation.

3.       User an opener that’s related to the gym environment: If you randomly ask a girl an opinion opener in the gym (like ‘Do you think men are better liars than women?’) it seems even more out of place at the gym than anywhere else. Don’t leave them thinking, ‘Why is that guy speaking to me instead of working out?’ Instead try an opener that uses all the situational gold that the environment gives you to open:

“I’m curious how you ever managed to do that butterfly stretch? I love doing weights but think I let the side down a little bit with my flexibility.”


“I don’t know about you but I’m kind of addicted to protein bars. Think after years of healthy eating I’ve finally tricked my body into thinking it’s a chocolate bar I’m eating!”


4.       Come in and out of set: Trying to stop a hardcore gym bunny mid half marathon on the treadmill to run the cube on her is unrealistic and unnatural. Try to make fun, witty comments and statements that will grasp her attention, make her smile, then get back to your work out and let her get back to hers. If you’re both members of the same gym it’s better to play slow burn game rather than compete against her aerobic’s class for her attention. Build rapport over a period of time. Keep it natural, and you’ll be able to carry on gaming even in a very closed environment (where everyone knows each other) like the gym.

By using a natural (and by that I mean something that doesn’t seem premeditated) yet indirect (don’t get chucked out of your gym for sexual harassment) style it will allow you to enter the same set, or lots of different sets, without ever giving the game away that you’re in the gym for the lycra clad ladies and not the body pump class. Get practicing your indirect, slow burn game now, and you’ll be picking up gym bunnies before they can say, ‘New Year’s Resolution.’

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