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Frances_the_MuteGreetings!  My name is Rob Escamilla (a.k.a Robd@g!) and it is my pleasure to contribute to the Spiffy Cats music column.  I will be providing an insight look at local musicians from right here in the valley, as they are seen from my perspective.  We will get up close and personal with the musician you look forward to seeing at the club or live on stage.  Interviews will dig deep and that’s where we will find the drama.  It will include the good, the bad and the ugly.

All genres too, ya dig?  Dammit!  Does that mean he might say that I suck?  Let me answer that question with another question.  One man’s opinion is but only, one man’s opinion; right?

Interviews are 100% uncensored.  I will probe and probe and if there’s any dirt, you will get to read about it.  Glad to be on the giving side, probing…haha…..I said probing.  Uhhh, can he say that?  The answer is No, but oh well!  We will also discuss well known commercial artist such as Elvis Presley (f*cken thief), to Beiber.  Yeah, that’s right; I called the King, Mr. Elvis Presley a thief!  The man our parents, aunts and uncles grew to love is a biter and I will prove it.  We will also include the artists that many of you, (and you know who you are), love to hate, such as OTEP and Mary Magdalan.  Oh No He Dent-Ent!  Oh yes he did.

Yay!  Someone just sent me a txt.  It reads, “Yo Robdog, what are you currently spinning?”  I think out loud, “Uhhhh….” As I reach down to pick up the CD Case the sleeve reads, “FRANCES THE MUTE by The Mars Volta,” signed by Universal Records.  “L’VIA L’VIAQUEZ” to be exact.  In summary, the piece is worldly, progressive, jazzy and experimental with a nice Latin groove feel.  This piece is from there 2nd album released in 2005.  The drums deliver off time, short bursts of blast and double bass on the kick.  Juan Alderte on the bass offers tone that is fat, edgy, but round with mountains of earth moving power.  Sic bassist indeed.  Of course you can’t forget Cedric Bixler on Vox and Omar on guitar and key players.  Oh yeah, and the whole freaking orchestra ensemble!  As a matter of fact, Flea and Jon Frusciante from The Red Hot Chili Peppers are actually tucked up in this album.  Bet you didn’t know that!  If you’re listening to the CD version of the song which is different from the video, the intro starts a tad on the slow side, filling my ears with about a half minutes worth of white noise affect with music played faintly in the background.  Then all of a sudden, POW!!!  Omar’s hard, punchy guitar riff takes control and sets the direction for the song.  With the bass grooving past you and the sound of the snare cracking like a whip, it’s a cool ride.  I didn’t realize this but an invisible force has me shaking my hip.  I love Cedric’s vocal range, but I still like to envision a hot chick singing.  Don’t you?  Hard to believe, The Mars Volta’s lead singer is actually a dude, man.  And he sounds exactly like the singer from 4 Non-Blondes, Linda Perry.  Is that crazy or what?

I appreciate how they handle their breakdowns throughout the song.  They are tight and it feels just right.  For our metal readers out there, even non-metal songs have breakdowns!  We will discuss the origins of breakdowns in a future issue.  It also takes me back to a day, far, far away (A day when I looked forward to going to Quinceañeras)
you member…those hot summer nights, sporting a polyester tux with ruffles.  Good Times.  Speaking of good times, this is one of those songs that I enjoy listening to in the background, while having a good time, as I’m watching the rain fall outside, or as I’m sitting here talking to myself.  I’m also proud to say that I have seen them live once.  For me it was a treat. But what can I say?  I dig the experimental, prog stuff.

So go ahead, don’t be scared and give it a spin.  Oh, and be sure to bust a rip before watching the video or else it won’t make sense:

Now THAT, you can’t find on any commercial radio station, and that’s the beauty of it.

And if it’s not your cup of tea, then that’s cool too.  Send us an email and tell us what your cup of tea is and share your thoughts with us.

I hope you enjoy the column.  There is much to be said of the underground.  A world that has no boundaries, no limitations, no rules, just pure, unadulterated, and adulterated art.  From great minds, the truly creative hearts and souls.  Music is….life.

Written by Rob Escamilla

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