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For most of us guys, before we discovered the PUA Community, some of the worst advice we’ve received about picking up chicks have come from chicks.  That’s one of the reasons why the PUA Community is composed of mainly guys.

Pickup Artist Tara

But this Community does have females.  In the beginning they served mainly as wing girls or demo girls, like Tara who worked for Mystery.  But gradually there’ve been more women who are actually gurus, coaches, or advisors.

Some of these gurus used to be wing/demo girls who’ve expanded.  Some are actually from other communities/industries such as the dating industry that preceded the PUA Community…This came as a natural result of the merging of the PUA Community and the dating industry.

It seems once the public heard about the PUA Movement, more women from different backgrounds, of varying skill, got into the trend of helping men date women like themselves:

Porn stars, dancers, actresses, bodybuilders, models, etc.  They all want to give their spin on helping men in various areas of the venusian arts…attraction, relationships, sex, etc.

And so the inevitable question is:

“Why should we men take any of these female guru’s advice, when we all know damn well that women give the worse advice about other women?!?”

That is the dilemma…and the next topic.



There are many industries where men and women are equal in ability, and clients can be served the same things with either sex…The dating industry is not one of them.  The very nature of the subject matter suggests at least a slight difference in each of their offerings.Kezia Noble

A popular claim that most girl gurus have is that they give top secret, honest female perspective that we couldn’t get anywhere else.  This may be true, but…remember what you’ve gotten from girl advice about other girls?  That’s right, a lot of misleading crap!  Don’t let down your guard for girl gurus.   They speak from the inside out and are apt to miss a lot of the nuances that make a huge difference in guys truly understanding them.  They can tell you every dirty secret, but if they don’t know the nuances of your perspective, the info they offer won’t make much sense.  The key is relativity…you guys need the proper perspective of every fact presented, otherwise it’s all just two-dimensional crap that misleads!

In general:  

Male gurus – your best bet for becoming a PUA…practical, tested methods that work.

Female gurus best used as supplements, before or after a bootcamp…idiosyncratic knowledge only they have…but you won’t become a PUA.      As of now, most girl gurus came in from outside the PUA Community, so they’re missing the fine art of pickup.  Only the few that come from the PUA Community are skilled in PUA.  Someday there’ll be more PUA girl gurus when the new generation of wing/demo girls are motivated to learn and study and work closely with a MPUA to hone their skills to at least become full-fledged PUA coaches.

But be she wing girl, PUA coach, or whatever else, there’s still the issue of quality, so pick and choose your female gurus wisely…..

Marni Kinrys Wing Girl Method



The term ‘female guru’ implies that she’s beacon of light set apart above and beyond the common woman, in that she doesn’t cause men more confusions.  And so we men should hold them to that simple minimum standard, don’t you agree?  I do.  Because if they’re gonna give you the same misleading crap that you’ve gotten from other girls, why bother paying them for it?!?      So here are some key elements to look for:

  1. Does she understand herself as a female? (She had better!! And one way to do that is through contrast of…)
  2. Has she made any efforts to study how men think?…the male perspective?  (Already explained…and another way women can get to know males is…)
  3. Does she have any education on gender psychology or social dynamics? (Simply being a woman doesn’t necessarily qualify her as expert on the female mind.)
  4. Is she just basing her material on HERself?  (Not all women are quite the same)
  5. Does she have an ongoing custom of continuing to educate herself on this topic?  (Perfection & keeping up-to-date, equals better materials & services for your buck.)
  6. What do other men say about her?  (Look for reviews that get specific, and check more than one.)
  7. And very importantly, her motives…WHY is she in this “helping men” business?  (Gurus, male or female, here to feed their egos will create problems all through the road…don’t go down it!)
  8. As a guru, she needs to serve the role of a guide and should not take your problems too personally, no matter what problems, attitudes, or intense frustrations you have.  It’s her job to steer you in the right direction, not let it stifle her.  If she does, I’d reconsider ever returning to her or if she should even be in this industry.

All of this is good for pre-assessment, but ultimately conclusive quality measure boils down to whether she delivers or not…unfortunately after you’ve tried her.

But no matter what, always keep things in perspective.  It’s only the dating realm of life.  It doesn’t represent everything.  Don’t be led astray from this fact.

Source: http://www.pualingo.com/pua-definitions/female-gurus/



This page contains profiles of some female gurus you may or may not have heard of.  They’re all laid out here for you to pick and choose what you need, and judge them for yourself.  There are others out there, and we’ll add their profiles as their info is brought to our attention.

If you’ve learned anything from this Community, you’ll know men and women have different psychologies.  So of course it’d befit our girl guru profiles not to have photos attached in order to help you guys (being the visual creatures we are) judge wisely without being bewitched.  And to instead, list relevant data…things like her specialties, years in this industry, who she’s connected to, male reviews (shown at bottom of profiles), etc.

Some of the profiles’ reviews are blank.  We’re calling out for all guys who’ve used these women to email or call in your review of how your experience went.  Keep’em short but detailed and specific (under 100 words).  We’ll keep you anonymous and post your reviews in future updates.

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