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mens_fashionYour personality is the most important thing.

Being cool in yourself and having the skills to project that onto the world is what makes your game amazing.

However, you don’t just want to have the best lines, most alpha body language and most solid inner game. Complete the package and take pride in your personal appearance too. This isn’t about being a poster boy male model, it’s about stepping out into the world presenting your best self.


Just like how you wouldn’t rock up to an important job interview in your scrubs; bowling into your local nightclub looking like you’ve been vomited up from the early nineties won’t help either.

Of course people should like you just as you are: but you’re unlikely to get past the first five seconds of knowing them unless you can present yourself well. Taking care of yourself is like having a clean house: it just says ‘I’ve got my life together.’

Luckily girls are (generally) a little less looks orientated than guys. However, girls do like guys that are well motivated, charismatic, successful and who are in control of their lives: all of these things can be communicated through clothing.

This is why at www.puatraining.com every residential gets a ‘fash-over’: a grooming session with a top stylist to make sure that they look their best before they look for love.

You don’t need a million dollars to do this. In fact here are three simple tips that will help you to dress for success:

  1. Have good hygiene: One of the most off putting things to any prospective partner are body odour, bad teeth and a dodgy haircut. So do simple things like showering and brushing your teeth twice daily. Try to pick deodorants that aren’t too pungent either: simple and classic scents are often the best. As for body hair you don’t need to go all meterosexual and get rid of your beloved beard; but do trim, groom and head down to your local barber for a professional opinion. Facial hair can be a bit of a marmite subject for women, so air on the side of caution and go for a five o’clock shadow, or a clean shave, instead of a full facial forest.
  2. Fitted clothing: The worst mistake that men and women often make is to hide their shape. Regardless of your size clothes that fit properly and show off your physique do make a difference. Think about the same concept with women: Marilyn Monroe and Christina Hendricks are not ‘Sports Illustrated’ models; but they work what they’ve got and they look sexier for it. Buy shirts that are fitted, blazers that give you square shoulders and trousers that don’t hang loose around your butt.Obviously it’s important to ‘blend in’ to your environment: and you wouldn’t want to rock up to a Psytrance rave in a suit, but there’s nothing wrong with looking one step cooler than your contemporaries. If you need guidance and live in the city channel GQ; if you live somewhere where there’s never any occasion to wear a suit then think Matthew McConnaughey (yes, he annoys me too).
  3. Subtle designer statements: I live in central London which is a town where people dress in a very fashion  conscious way. I can’t afford to dress in the latest designer labels 24/7. However, a nice trick I use to always look cool in the hard-to-get-into-club is to wear a simple basic with a statement designer piece. I’ll wear a £20 dress with my designer hand bag and suddenly the whole outfit looks more expensive. This can work for you too. Instead of investing in a whole new wardrobe stock up on the basics: fitted tees, white shirts and a blazer then lift the whole outfit with a simple designer addition: a tie, pair of shoes, jacket or belt can ooze success without breaking the bank.

Get your look together and your approaches will have a better success rate. No contest.

Get the girl you want, then before too long I promise you can dig out your sweats again.

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