Don’t call it Gun Control… it Gun Management.

By: James Noble


I have to admit I don’t get the whole gun lifestyle. I didn’t grow up with guns, other then the little plastic ones that came with my GIJOE action figures. I don’t grasp the fascination with holding and firing them. What I do see with people so in love with firearms and adamantly against any kind of gun control……I mean gun management is a “FEAR” within. It looks to me like guns give people a sense of power and control. It’s a tool to intimidate and it says, I’m in charge and if you fuck with me I’m going to blow you away. Individuals with such a passion for firearms seem to have a deep distrust of authority (Government), an underlining feeling of weakness, a lack of any real power and control over their lives. I can only guess guns in their eyes seem to create the illusion of control and power. Many people proclaim they are proud gun owners and hats off to them as I’m a proud Dyson vacuum cleaner owner myself. Why someone is so proud to own a weapon of death is a bit strange to me. Many pro gun advocates keep saying Obama is going to take their guns and freedoms away. However, none of them can name any freedoms that have been taking away since he has been elected. In fact, you can now carry concealed loaded firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges as the president signed into law back in May 2009 as part of unrelated rider to the Credit Card Act of 2009.
The Sandy Hook massacre changed the dynamics of the gun conversation.


In the name of the Father, son, holy spirit and my AR-15

One group of people that fascinate me the most are the hardcore Jesus loving, commandments following, bible thumping Christian gun owners. It amazes me that this group is taken seriously and how they contradict what Jesus is about. According to the bible Jesus is about love, non violence, caring for the poor and most of all a champion of peace. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Jesus wouldn’t be advocating for handguns, extended clips and assault weapons. I’m guessing he’s not a big fan of iron nails and crowns of thorns either. Another religious icon, the 6th commandment is something Christian gun lovers seem to brush aside as well. Guns are designed for one thing and one thing only…….to kill. The 6th commandment clearly states “Thou Shalt Not KIll”. Unless God intended for all us to be vegans then killing animals with a gun is a sin and therefore you should be going to hell. Last I checked, that commandment didn’t have an attached addendum to it saying animals are ok to kill. Religious individuals scream about God, Guns, and Country but does it really have any real meaning to them? Mike Huckabee stated that it was a lack of God in our schools which is why Sandy Hook happened. No amount of prayer and Jesus on cross in schools is going to stop a bullet from entering a body. Some people of faith are ok with God allowing innocent children to be gunned down and die needlessly. Yet if a regular person stood by and did nothing and allowed this to happen the masses would be outraged and calling them evil and uncaring. So why does God get off scot-free?


 The Name of the Game

A criminal uses a gun to have an advantage when committing a crime. They seek control and power over the situation for a favorable out come for them. They don’t give a shit about the 2nd amendment or about being a law-abiding citizen. A gun in their eyes is a tool of the trade. The maximum amount of death and carnage is the advantage. A hunter/sportsperson uses a gun for recreational purposes in a sense to also control their situation for a favorable outcome as well. Killing and claiming the deer for a trophy or food. I understand why a criminal wants or needs a high capacity clip, the less they need to reload the better chances the outcome is for them. A hunter who is shooting wildlife the question needs to be asked do you want to shoot a deer or shed a deer. If you can’t kill an unarmed deer with 10 bullets…..maybe hunting isn’t for you.

 When a person is going to purchase a weapon that is designed for one thing….killing, a background check no matter what the circumstances are in regards to purchase is paramount. Gun dealers by law are required to run them and that does help. It would be great if all guns manufactured would be in the system and easily traceable. However, in the real world that is not possible. With the advancement of smart phones, one could create an app for that when it comes to private sales and gun shows. Creating a paper trail and informing the necessary state and federal agencies is key to gathering accurate data. The second amendment states, A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. I have noticed many firearm advocates never focus or included the word regulated in their arguments. Regulated means: Control or supervise by means of rules and regulations.

Firearms are a tools of defense and devices for ending life. With that kind of capacity these items should be well regulated and the people getting them should be as well. If people need to register cars and provide information to the state in regards to them, then why can’t guns be in the same realm no matter the venue of purchase. I get the the constitution states gun ownership is a right and cars had yet to be invented. When lasers become small enough and weaponized will we as a country allow people to own them? Universal background checks should be the law of the land and would fall under the regulatory aspect of the 2nd amendment. Criminals are not going to follow laws hence that is why they are criminals. Systems need to be in place to accurately track all legal and illegal guns. Ammunition background checks should also be part of the regulatory process.


 Fear Nation

Gun and ammunition manufactures make money off the sales of guns and ammo. It’s the free markets working the way it should. Business is best when there is a constant state of fear or when a black man is the president. A state of fear is really the only time when sales increase exponentially. The NRA is the perfect organization to stir that fear up and run with it. During the last election cycle they made false claims that Pres. Obama was going to take away your guns…..which he never did. The NRA is also a business and like a business they need to increase their profits and membership as well as the profits of the gun manufacturers they represent. They don’t care about the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms, they care about the almighty dollar and how they can increase sales of guns and get more memberships. They are masters of using the 2nd amendment as a battle cry to further their cause. Tragedy and violence works for them in a very subtle way and then when our political leaders get into the discussion about gun control that’s when they pounce. They create that atmosphere of fear and government oppression and unfortunately too many people are stupid enough to believe them. Like many conservative organizations their prime mission is to separate the gullible consumer from their hard-earned cash. Gun violence doesn’t matter to them, the more violence there is the more guns can be sold.


In the future, we should call it gun management, not gun control. Control has such a negative connotation to it. However, management sounds much nicer and gentle. People want to be managed…..not controlled.





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