6 Ways Alpha Males Create Worlds.


buddhaHas your day ever gone from bad to worse? Or a good day become great? If you’re like most people, the answer is “yes”.

Everyone has good and bad days but Alphas actively mould their experiences. So let’s explore the secret science behind this, its shocking connection with wealth and 6 ways for you to create your own world.


Buddha says….

“With Our Thoughts We Create Our World” – Buddha, The Dhamapada.


I have two degrees from a prestigious university. I’m intelligent and worth a lot more than what my 9-5 is paying me. So why is my income so low?


That’s what I used to ask myself not so long ago. Not only was my income disproportionate from my talents, I found myself haemorrhaging money with expenses everywhere.


Then one night I had an enlightening conversation which changed my beliefs and ultimately it changed my life. As the epiphany struck me I knew a new, richer life was waiting.


I discovered I had a ‘poor’ mindset. My family were never in debt but money was not something to be enjoyed. It was always a scarcity and every bill was another blow.


Sound familiar?


Without knowing it, these experiences had set my own relationship with money to “it’s complicated”. Because I felt I wasn’t allowed to be rich I built a wall of sabotaging thoughts which prevented wealth from entering.


In other words I created a world within my mind – a world which did not feature financial abundance.


After that things quickly changed. You see it’s not about the money. Replace wealth with relationship/job/lifestyle and it’s the same principle.


There’s a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which filters everyday consciousness. Once you’re on the lookout for something, the RAS works to highlight opportunities, people, stuff etc related to your query!


That’s why a bad day turns worse. In our anger we subconsciously stew on things and look for stuff that will piss us off further. Or when things go well, our brain seeks ways to validate our happiness with more positive occurrences.


As for me, I started remembering important contacts, ideas flowed to me faster and I saw so many opportunities which I was blind to before. And I was able to generate a better and more stable income outside of my full time job.


Buddify your brain…


Whether you call it your RAS or choose a philosophic outlook it equates to the same thing – creating your outside world begins with inner blueprinting. Not only is it so true but it is one of the most inspiring and empowering beliefs to equip yourself with.

6 Steps away from building an Alpha life…

  1. Be mindful of your thoughts. It sounds obvious but very often we think out of habit and reaction. If you begin to look at your thoughts, this act alone will move you forward 50% into creating a new world for yourself.
  2. Choose your thoughts. Once we know our frequent thoughts it’s time to replace the old, useless thinking with a new productive mindset. Commit that you will try this exercise for a week and you will realise how easy it is to slip back into your old thinking. Go beyond a week and you will realise how easy it can be to break these chains.
  3. Practise, practise, practise. Practise makes perfect. You want strong foundations don’t you? Well make a practise of replacing old disempowering thoughts with new empowering thoughts for a day, a week and then a month. Make it a habit and eventually the habit will make you.
  4. Be specific with what you’re looking for. Narrow down the field of which your RAS needs to focus on. If you want ‘a better life’ that’s fine but what does that mean? Break it down into specifics to help yourself naturally find those avenues. For me it was money. Maybe for you it will be a relationship, a new job, an idea or all of the above.
  5. Once you specify, be open-minded. We never know what form our opportunities will manifest themselves. A business opportunity may land on your lap in disguise. Your perfect match could be someone you never considered before. The more you practise and train your mind the better you will be at spotting the hidden (and obvious) chances in your life.
  6. Take action. Now is the time to make reality happen. It’s great to think the right things but you must implement your thoughts into action! As the story goes: A man once pleaded, “Please God let me win the lottery” and God replied “Please go buy a ticket”.

Solid as a rock…


Imagine reality is a building and your thoughts are the blueprints from which it manifests itself. If we build strong, solid structures in the mental realm then strong structures will develop in the physical realm. Being an Alpha means using your thoughts and your RAS to seek out the opportunities. Then it is up to YOU to create that world.

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