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“I’ll have a muffin, a double espresso and your number please…”

Three Ways to Pick Up a Latte… and a Date

Forget waiting to hit a bar after work, or scouring a dating website in your lunch hour: get a date for the weekend before you hit your desk on Monday morning.

It’s time to be efficient and pick up a hot date at the same time that you grab your morning coffee. In case you hadn’t noticed, coffee shops are great places to meet girls: in the queue, behind the counter, or drinking hot chocolate as they’re reading a Jane Austen novel.

In this blog post I’m going to tell you my three top ways to pick up a girl in a coffee shop; so you can start your working week with a smirk on your face, a spring in your step and a new number in your phone…

1.       Hit on the waitress: If you go to the same coffee shop every day and always mean to chat to the cute girl that serves you, now is your chance. Luckily if you know she works there, you know you’ve got a little time to build a connection with her. So don’t feel pressurised to go for her number straight away: instead focus on playing ‘slow burn game’ where you build up comfort and attraction over the course of a number of sets. Start with a compliment on her waiting style to break the ice:

“Hey, I like how you’ve now totally memorised my regular order- I need to drink less coffee! It’s Alex by the way…”

Then smile and re-engage her every time your paths cross. Before long it will feel natural to say:

“You know what, I do enjoy our little chats. Think next time we should aim for you to be drinking a coffee and not serving it though so give me your number and we’ll link up next week.”

Just remember to appreciate her limitations as a member of staff: never try to hold her in set for too long, or compete with her work. Instead build a connection over a series of interactions that always brighten her day.

2.       Make an observation and start a conversation:


“Hey Jane Austen loving girl… I’m curious do you really think she should have got together with Mr. Darcy?”


“Hey you look really absorbed with what you’re writing; you’ve made me curious as to whether it’s a serious essay or a love story that you’re writing?”


“Hey, I like how you’ve sat right in the window, and are clearly spying on that couple over there! It’s ok though, I like people watching too.”


Basically anything can be made into an observation and a way to start a conversation. Remember it doesn’t have to be something crazily exciting; it can really be something very normal like what coffee she chose, where she’s sitting or what she’s reading. Just make your opening statement as detailed as possible to give her the best chance of hooking!


3.       Window shop for a date: Even if you’re not planning on popping into a coffee shop; instinctively have a quick look through the windows as you pass. You may just see a really cute girl, sat by herself, just waiting to be approached. And you know what? Nothing comes across as more romantic than a bit of direct game here:

“Hey I was just walking by on my way to work when I saw you in here, and just had to come and say hi.”

Just remember to match head height with her (sit down with her if she’s sitting down) and be relaxed. The more chilled out you can be, the more at ease she’ll feel with being swept off her feet.

If you want anymore tips on how to be great at picking up girls no matter where you are, check out to get the skills to always get a number at the same time as your latte.

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