Attitude Vs Good Looks: A Jersey Shore Case Study


Mike The Situation (left), Pauly D (right): attitude vs looks.

Mike The Situation (left), Pauly D (right): attitude vs looks.

Socialkenny’s Experimental Consensus On Looks


The seduction community’s position on looks has always been “Looks don’t matter”!

I totally agree! And I’m 1 of the few remaining guys in the community who still advocates this to the FULLEST!

Lately however, seems like the community on a whole has been back peddling and doing 180 flips from it’s original position on looks to where gurus and dating coaches are now saying and insinuating that “Looks” is the biggest weapon in a guy’s arsenal.

With this article, I’m hoping to end it all right here right now, and to squash this newly perpetuated fallacy that good looks get guys laid [over style and attitude]!

You’re more likely to get laid from being in the right place, right time (as every guy has), than by being a super-hot guy.

Solely possessing good looks do not fucking matter!!!

They do not get you laid!!!

It matters as much as pickles on a cheese burger: which is pretty insignificant to the overall eatability of the burger.

From my consensus [I actually took a few], looks (facial-wise) only matter between 5-8 % in the grand scheme of the overall attraction and seduction process.

That is fucking dismal for all the hype and hoopla surrounding this issue over the decades.

Good looks (stunning facial features) is at the bottom of the totem pole when compared to qualities such as:

•Conversation, etc.

Three years ago, I’d polled 60 female Facebook friends, presenting them the above-mentioned 9 qualities in a guy in which they’d choose the qualities that would possibly aid their decision in sleeping with a guy.

Having good looks (facially) ranked the least: 5%!

So a girl is less likely to sleep with you because you look like Denzel than if you had a bad boy attitude.

Take that pretty boys!

Confidence trumps good looks!

Balls trump good looks.

Attitude trumps good looks.

Know-how and savviness trump good looks.

Wits trump good looks.

Having an infectious sense of humor trumps having good looks.

Being good at conversing trumps good looks.

Every single above-mentioned quality in a guy beats the shit out of having good looks.

This has always been the position of the PUA community, so I really don’t understand how and why we are now perpetuating that good looks matter.

Case Study Of Mike The Situation and Dj Pauly D [of MTV’s Jersey Shore]


I’m a Jersey Shore fanatic, which is why I’d written about these dudes numerous times on the blog.

This time however, I’ll do a virtual case-study on 2 of the guys who featured in the reality show: Mike The Situation and Dj Pauly D.

Mike The Situation (left), Pauly D (right): attitude vs looks.

Mike The Situation (left), Pauly D (right): attitude vs looks.

Those who aren’t familiar with the series, the guy on the left is Mike, Pauly on the right.

From an experiment I did some years ago via Facebook, my female friends unanimously voted Pauly D as the hotter guy in the looks department (face-wise).

Pauly is way hotter (according to women and societal standards of beauty), he has the straighter nose, better tan, women go crazy over his facial affectations.

Mike on the other hand [guy on the left] is more rugged-looking, the bigger nose, facial blemishes, looks older (although Pauly is surprisingly years older).

Women on a whole tend to find Mike ugly [as was the case from my Facebook census].

Not only my Female Facebook friends hold this opinion, chicks generally opine that Mike isn’t good-looking.


Those who had followed the show know where I’m headed with this.

Ok, so Mike is ugly- Pauly’s hot!

Chicks have spoken!

Now, if I ask you the readers, assuming you’d never watched the show, which guy do you believe got laid more, you would unanimously say Pauly D- guy on the right who’s generally perceived as hotter and has better looks.

Mike The Situation (left), Pauly D (right): attitude vs looks.

Mike The Situation (left), Pauly D (right): attitude vs looks.

However, what if I were to tell you that Mike, the ugly guy [according to general consensus] was pulling way more ass than the cuter guy was!!

Would you believe me?

Of course not! But it’s true!

The Popeye look-alike got laid more!

In fact, of all the male roomates [4 of them], who all had better looks than Mike by the way, Mike still got laid more than the other 4…who were hotter (facially).

The guy who just doesn’t get it, who is still hung up on the looks thing is probably saying “Fuck No! Guy on the right had to have been smashing more vagina than the other guy”!

When you’re able to step out of the matrix and really get to know how attraction and women work; only then you’d come to believe that a socially perceived ugly guy could get laid more than the perceived handsome guy.

You have to understand that women process “Looks” differently than we retarded men do.

For us men; face is a HUGE deal!

For women; attitude is the biggest deal.

What separated Mike from Pauly (apart from the looks) was attitude.

When out, Pauly was too reserved and waited for the action to come to him.

If the action doesn’t come (which it didn’t): he goes home alone.

Mike on the other hand was ULTRA pro-active!

He sought out the action i.e. hot girls without apologies!

He had an aggressive, cocky, bad boy, IDGAF attitude which most women cannot resist, although they’d say that Mike was a douchy asshole!

Mike, [the ugly guy] was actually picking up 2-3 girls and introducing them to Pauly. So he had gotten Pauly laid on numerous occasions throughout the seasons.

Pauly, the hotter guy, was eating Mike’s crumbs.

This also dispels the myth that a hot guy can just lay back and wait for women to approach him and fall at his feet in submission.


If you’re under the illusion that because you have Brad Pitt looks it means you can just be non-proactive at the bar and hot women will just throw themselves at you: you’re fucking nuts!

The Sitch [Mike] was fearless in his approach to picking up girls at the club and back to his pad!

Although he didn’t have good looks on his side, he did have the more important things though:

Badass attitude
Alpha-male traits

These qualities mean something to women.

Being that aggressive badass in the nightclub scene will get you laid a ton: even if you’re butt-ugly.

Guys who’ve been struggling throughout their lives with LSE issues [Low-Self Esteem] stemming from their looks, and have been called ugly and unattractive by women and men alike, look yourself in the mirror and affirm:

Looks do NOT fucking matter!

Make that your mantra and war-cry from henceforth!

If Mike The Situation could pull hot ass constantly [because of his attitude]: then you can!

Make no more excuses to blame “ugly and looks” as reasons to suck with women.

You have an irregularly long or big nose; so fucking what!

Doesn’t matter!

Your hairline receding and you’re going bald; so what!

Suffering from sever acne outbreaks on your face; so what!

Big-lipped, thin-lipped, huge-eyed, chubby-faced, scar-faced, flat-faced, pizza-face, yellow teeth…don’t fucking matter!

Your attitude, style (dressing), swagger, and vibe will override those facial imperfections.

Attending school, I was always teased and made fun of by classmates, being called flat nose, cone-face, banana-face you name it.

It made me very self-conscious growing up.

When I’d discovered the pickup community years ago (by chance), my life totally changed after learning that looks don’t fucking matter!

I can still get laid despite having what society considers to be physical imperfections.

I’d transformed myself from an introverted, self-conscious chode to a social-fucking Rockstar with enough confidence to stretch around the globe 10 times and some!!!

Once you begin to realize that having a perfectly-shaped face doesn’t mean shit without having Game and confidence to back it up, you’ll begin to grasp why dudes like Mike The Situation, in spite of his peculiar nose, can still take hot girls home!

Having Game and learning the seduction skills which I teach, will get you way further than the pretty-boy who believes that his cute face will get him far.

Remember, take a look at yourself in the mirror and say:

“Looks do not fucking matter! My attitude does”!

Meditate on it!

Sleep on it!

Shit while reciting it!

Record it on a voice-recorder or cellphone and replay it a thousand times if you have to.

Please do not let anyone convince you and fool you into thinking that you have to change your facial appearance in order to get laid!

That’s like putting icing on shit [to use PUA coach Josh Pellicer’s analogy].

Icing is decorative and tasty, but to put it on shit will still not make shit eatable.

So altering your facial features (surgery, etc.) will still not miraculously make you good with women if your inner game (confidence and self-esteem) is crappy and suspect.

It’s about attitude (bad boy and aggressive) and style over socially perceived good looks.

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I’ll leave you with these photos of Mike The Situation, a Natural Alpha Player, doing his thing over the years on the Jersey Shore reality series.

Watch, look and learn how swagger, dominance, style, asshole game and a bad-boy persona gets girls.

Now have a Rockstar weekend!










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