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What does it mean to be an Alpha Male today?



You are not alone. If you’ve ever wondered what men are meant to feel, do and be in today’s world then you are not alone. If you’ve ever been asked by your mother/sister/girlfriend if you’re a ‘modern man’ then you are not alone. And if you’ve ever wanted to become an Alpha Male then you are definitely not alone.

But the markers of a better life are so transitory these days – a better car, a better partner, a better job. With such fast lives what could we even mean by ‘better’ and how does it apply to masculinity?



Three Men and a little Baby


One of the more poignant aspects of being ‘better’ struck me one day while leaving the Underground. As I walked up the steps, there was a young mother trying to carry her baby buggy up.

Being a few paces behind and also carrying luggage, I was relieved to see 3 guys nearby. One clearly went to the gym, the other looked like a City Banker, and the third was a young hipster.

After the hipster avoided her and the Banker took another route I thought at least Mr. Muscle would flex his stuff. Nope. No luck. He politely excused himself as he walked past her. Goodbye Chivalry.

The incident made me think long and hard. Effectively today’s man is stronger, has more money and lives longer than any other period in History. But what kind of lives are they living?

Defining the Goal

Stop right there. Before I step off my soap box, I’m not berating anyone. If there is confusion over etiquette or behaviour I sympathise with guys totally. History’s social changes and trends have directed manhood everywhere: the old-fashioned hardboiled man, the free spirited hippy, the metrosexual, and even the retrosexual. There’s a plethora of guises for the Everyman.

No matter what he’s wrapped himself in, his intentions sets the Alpha Male from his contemporaries.Therefore, the goal of the Alpha Male is not the fastest car, the hottest girl, or the phattest watch. It is his intent to be impeccable and authentic.

To be impeccable is to hit the mark, meet the target and deliver the goods moment to moment. It means striving to do yourself justice in a task no matter its size, whether posting the letter you said you would or completing that race in your fastest time.

To be authentic means to be genuine and original; there is no falsehood in authenticity. When you talk to that cute barmaid, it’s because you really take an interest in her not just for her looks. Your conversations reflect the best version of yourself, not a rip off of someone else.


A New Day, A New Man


To be an Alpha Male is to depart from the meathead gym addict or the passive pen pusher and encompass the best of both to emit an effective male energy. This energy is the new model of masculinity.

Masculinity strives to seek affirmative action and if every moment is optimised regardless of success or failure then you will mature into an Alpha Male.

Consider these parting words: “He who controls others may be powerful but he who has mastered himself is mightier still” – Lao Tzu.

Written by C. Samuel

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