5 Ways to say ‘Hi’ to more women

Hayley Quinn

You may not see yourself as ‘that guy’ who’s great at meeting women, you may not even think saying ‘hi’ to a woman is in your DNA- but by creating 5 new opportunities a week to meet new people, you will surprise yourself by how different your love life looks in a month.


It’s not about being pushy, or ‘annoying’ people, or being like ‘that guy’; it’s about giving you a huge high 5 for being the kind of man she wants to meet.


So here are 5 quick tips to say ‘hi’ more often:


1.     Be Honest: If you see a woman and a light bulb goes off in your head saying ‘Wow, I’ve always wanted to meet a woman like her’ then that is often the best thing in that moment you can say.


If we speak honestly and sincerely then that will resonate with people. A woman isn’t looking for perfection in a guy; she’s looking for someone courageous who thinks she’s very special.


2.     Get Comfortable: If you’re uncomfortable with expressing your intentions towards a woman this is likely to be the root of why women aren’t connecting to you.


You could have the most perfect line in the world but if it’s not ‘you’ then it won’t connect with her. Work on the knowledge, and your self-esteem, that women do want to meet you.


3.     Create Opportunities: Always hanging around with the same group of friends? Taking the same route home with your headphones in? Hitting the gym for a solo weight’s session? No wonder you’re not meeting enough women.


Think laterally about how you can change your routine subtly to make sure that you’re meeting more people. Taking a new exercise class, choosing to sit next to someone on the train, and going out with new people can all feel surprisingly daunting to us reserved Brits but stepping outside of your habits & comfort zone will positively benefit your life.


4.     Say ‘hi’ to more people generally: Yep, if you save up the only time you ever approach a stranger for it to be when you find that stranger incredibly attractive you heave pressure on yourself. Be more charismatic and conversational generally.


The positive off shoot of this is that your conversational muscles will be nice and warm the next time a beautiful woman queues up next to you at a coffee shop.


5.     Smile and make eye contact more: Approaching someone you don’t know can be tough… but it’s made tons easier when you’ve already looked up, caught someone’s eye, sent & received a ‘smile’ and shared a moment.


Sounds corny but this really does happen when you put your tablet down more and start realizing there are a ton of women out there who want to meet you.


To start meeting and connecting with more women then check out www.hayleyquinn.com to discover how I can help you to gain the skills, confidence, and belief you need to meet, attract and connect with more women.

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