5 Ways Alpha Males deal with the Challenges of Life.


challenges-in-lifeWho of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? – Luke 12:25.

As true as this is, it is even truer than we all spend a good amount of our lives worrying. And yet studies indicate that over 85% of our worries never happen!

So kick back and tune in to my guide on bringing your A-Game when Life’s challenges come knocking on your door.

  1. Resistance is futile. No matter how much you want a bad situation to change, you cannot change reality in that moment. This doesn’t mean that you are powerless, not at all. But the #1 point is that resisting the truth is what brings you worry, anxiety and pain. Accept what is going on in the here and now. Once you accept things as they are you’ll find that solutions and change come a lot faster.
  2. Amor Fati. Friedrich Nietzsche highlighted this Latin phrase which translates into “love of (your) Fate”. What does this mean? Any good or bad situation is exactly what you need. We cannot change reality but we can change our perception of it. PUAs learn to reframe circumstance. Alpha Males learn to love circumstance. Think to yourself, this is MY challenge, specially tailored to me, so no-one else can handle it except me. Now that’s a lot more empowering than bitching about how unlucky you are.
  3. Alarm Clocks. The stress that comes from a challenge is merely an alarm clock trying to shake you up from sleep. Maybe you’ve been complacent about it in the past or maybe this is a totally new problem you’re facing. Your reaction is telling you that things are not the way they should be, WAKE UP and make a difference. Accept what is happening and then take steps to make the change.
  4. Control, influence and letting go. There are some things in this life you can control such as your thoughts and actions.  There are some things you can influence such as your impression on people. And then there are some things that are impossible for you to affect such as nature. The trick is to know when to let go and have faith that whatever may happen you will survive and learn everything you need to become better.
  5. Invest in yourself: Where are you in your life right now? Maybe things are going well. Maybe they’re not as you’d like. Never forget to invest in yourself regardless of your present situation. Do not underestimate the little pleasures such as a good massage, buying some luxury products or delving into an amazing book. Always pour the best into yourself because this investment will improve your overall outlook on life. Peace doesn’t come from the outside, it starts from within.

I know none of us live in a cocoon and if you’re rockin’ the Alpha Life then you’re definitely going to come face-to-face with some hurdles. But no matter what, just remember that Alpha Males never lose, they just learn.

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