3 Quick Tips for Successfully Setting Up a Date


Time for 3 quick tips on how you can set up a date successfully:

Ok so how do you have a successful date in London?

1.       Don’t expect to dive straight in for the date:


Getting a girl’s number is, unfortunately, not tantamount to a date.

In fact it can mean anything from her feeling smitten, to sympathetic, about you. So unless she was chatting excitedly about grabbing a coffee with you after work that day hedge your bets and don’t send a first text that demands a date. Instead, your first mission (if you choose to accept it) is simply to get her to respond. Something simple and conversational often works best:


Hey Caroline, great chatting to you earlier. Did you ever make your meeting on time? I had to make a terrible excuse as to why I was late that didn’t involve meeting you.. Alan from Starbucks x


If she bites back in a way that is suitably warm, friendly, lengthy and quick, you know you’re on a better footing to ask for that date. Still uncertain when to mention meeting up? Then try saying something like:


We’ll have to see if you can ever be punctual over coffee someday then… X


The important word here is ‘someday’. ‘Someday’ puts the thought out there about meeting up; but by not laying down a time frame for it to happen, if she doesn’t write back ‘when can we make this happen?’ you can persist without losing face.


2.       Make the date practical & irresistible:


You only have to clock the lightning speeds with which people storm down Oxford St to deduce that people in London (like most major cities) are very, very busy. In fact you can most commonly see me striding around, ipod on, checking my emails, drinking an iced latte and holding a conversation… all at once. When you ask a girl out you’re competing with her dental appointment, double booked social engagements, and the rest of London’s eligible bachelors. So choose a date that isn’t too time consuming, something that’s easy to commit to like coffee or a drink after work.


Next demonstrate your ‘Time Out’ levels of cool by avoiding chain franchises and opting for something a bit under the radar, hole-in-the-wall, or special. Why do Starbucks when there’s a great independent coffee shop with views of the river? Remember on a date you’re selling your lifestyle too: don’t be a cookie cutter boyfriend that will bore her.


3.       Don’t assume that the date is ‘on’:

If between meetings, social engagements and all other diary clogging conflicts, you can’t find a date to meet until the next week, make sure you maintain contact. Don’t assume your arrangement is set in stone.

Much like a red hot lump of coal from the fire interactions go cold, so you need to keep the momentum up. Dropping her the odd text in-between setting your date and whisking her off her feet; will keep you at the fore front of her thoughts and make sure you don’t get pencilled over in her diary.

Armed with these tips I hope you get that date. To talk to me more personally about how you can become more effective at dating all round then get in touch.

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