All right guy’s, this article is not a way of raking you over the coals, so lets make that clear right now.

But it was this authors intention to toss a bit of information your way, that might give you cause to stop and ponder if it is possible you actually do some of these things? And if so, perchance a woman might dream that you would adjust your, uh, behavior.

To my surprise, when I started polling women for this piece, every time I mentioned it to a man, they would start laughing and say, “only 10?”

Hummm, now that was interesting. Either I am a bird of a different feather or some how I’m off kilter, because it dawned on me that there must be an awful lot of women out there who don’t like anything men do.

After a few more polls I began to realize that women fall into categories just like veggies and dairy and meat. You have your man lovers, your I hate everything’s, your chronic complainers and your I don’t understand men type.

So with that in mind. After you read these 10 concerns, you might want to ask yourself before you take any of this too seriously, where does my woman fall within these categories? If you can’t place her, you just may be one of the luckiest men alive, which doesn’t give you license to slack off mind you, but surprising her with flowers for no reason might be in order.

One other thing I want to mention before I serve up this platter, is that obligation keeps tapping me on the shoulder and refuses to go away. Which means, sigh, that in all fairness, there should be a list of 10 things women love about men. I’ll see what I can do.


1)  Leaving the toilet seat up

2)  Thinking with the wrong head

3)  Mistaking politeness for indecision

4)  Refusing to help around the house

5)  Inability to multitask

6)  Bad body odor

7)  Thinking women are inferior to the male

8)  Domineering men

9)  Treating a women as if she were another man

10) Believing all women have only one profession and treating them according to that standard

By the way, the women polled for this were between the age of twenty-five and seventy, in case your wondering.

This article was written by Janell Coberly, a writer and novelist who lives and works in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

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